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What We Teach
Our Mission

Our Mission:

Many religious seekers want spiritual connection not only with their mind, but with their heart and soul. Our experience tells us that blend is achieved by aligning and connecting mind, body, and soul - giving participants to the tools they need to nurture their intellect, spirit, and faith.


The recipe is simple: we teach people how to cultivate calm, contentment, and love of self and others. When we couple these fundamentals with age old wisdom and traditional values, our lives become richer. We are more centered, skillful, and fulfilled. 


We're dedicated to providing mindfulness programming and training to religious organizations in Texas and nationwide.


Contact us to find out how to schedule a program for your place of worship or organization.

About Rabbi Sholklapper
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About Rabbi Sholklapper

Rabbi Sholklapper is a mindfulness practitioner, attending, managing, and facilitating retreats and mindfulness meditation groups all over the world. They have a degree in philosophy and Jewish studies at UCLA, was ordained at the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, and earned an MBA. Rabbi Sholklapper’s passion is in helping people of all walks of life to live with vigor and personal, spiritual awareness through mindfulness and Jewish living.

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The Jewish world is awash in teachers and scholars who pledge insight and answers. R’Ariel offers something more human and intimate: the gift of deep presence. To speak to him is to be listened to; to sit with him in meditative silence is to be held; and to learn with him is to discover unknown corridors of your heart. Whether in the hall or the study, he brings an abundance of warmth and wisdom to his rabbinate, assuring each person he encounters that they matter, that their prayers have meaning and that in their pursuit of faith they are never alone.


Rabbi Ariel has an incredible passion and understanding of mindfulness and how to apply it in your life in a very practical way . Thank you!!


I had my very first meditation class with Rabbi Ariel Sholklapper. I honestly didn't know much about meditation or if it was for me. Their were a variety of levels of knowledge in the class and he was able to connect to each and every person. As a beginner he helped me to understand the basics of meditating and made me feel comfortable with this new practice. I would most definitely take more of his classes in the future.


Kind, gentle, knowledgeable. Helping us to find peace of mind.


Contact Us

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

PHONE NUMBER: 832-304-4809


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